superkat – integrate (single release!)



Our newest collaborator integrate has trusted us with his single and EP release this month. His single “superkat” is now available, his EP also named “superkat” will be released September 22nd.

Dillon Bastan (integrate) is a Los Angeles based sound artist, developer, music producer, and performer. He constructs interactive and intuitive experiences with sound as installation art or music. Using a variety of programming languages, softwares, technologies, and a musical background, Dillon creates tools and projects for designing and experiencing sound. His passion for nature and interest in technology pulls him towards integrating the acoustic and analog with digital possibilities.

“superkat” is a blending of the physical and digital. An unreal environment emerges from a multitude of recorded acoustic instruments from sampling sessions. These acoustic sounds are processed digitally to create an unreal soundscape. Starting out ambient and ethereal, and ending with high energy, “superkat” is a progression of sonically inspired moods.


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